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AGENDA: Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Forum 2022



8:00 AM


9:00 AM

Opening Remarks by the Conference Director (MS Events)

Session 1 – Optimizing Impact: Decoding Data Analytics

9:05 AM

Inspirational Keynote: Transformation in the world of business intelligence and data analytics.

  • Data Governance: Shift from Data Benefit to Business Benefit.
  • Using the modern-day tools to transform the data governance journey

9:25 AM

Deep Dive Session: Not just Master Data Management, but Metadata Management.

  • Developing a reliable and authoritative view of an organization’s data
  • Automating business-critical data governance, management, and sharing across applications

9:45 AM

Panel Discussion: Data Architecture and Data Governance: A Powerful Data Management Duo.

  • Collaboration between data architects and business team to ensure consistent data governance strategy for the organization.
  • Top 5 strategies to optimise the duo

Session 2 – Innovation & Machine Learning

10:25 AM

Keynote Presentation: Business Intelligence: Delivering value at scale

  • Addressing the complexities and practical implications of ML in workplace
  • Enabling BI for development and operations activities to ensure operational efficiencies.

10:45 AM

Spotlight Presentation: Data Science and Machine Learning: Unleash Innovation

  • Investigating the top 5 latest ML innovations
  • Exploring the strategies, tools, skills, and talent needed for effective deployment.

11:05 AM

Networking and Coffee Break

11:40 AM

Panel Discussion: Understanding the dynamics of BI and Analytics 

  • Creating business value by leveraging data fabric and constructing a resilient, measurable data platform.
  • Highlighting data architecture challenges by incorporating distinct data storage platforms, edge computing, event-driven architectures, and batch processing on a public cloud.

Session 3: Impactful Implementation of MLOps

12:10 PM

Leadership Session: Unleashing the potential of AI & BI in UAE

  • Examining the future of AI in the Middle East
  • Top 5 AI & BI Strategies to be ahead of the competition

12:30 PM

Chalk Talk: Optimization of ML operations

  • Best methods for selecting the most relevant ML-powered Software
  • Important considerations when designing ML software

12:50 PM

Fireside Chat: Integration of MLOps and Model Governance

  • Top 5 reasons for incorporating MLOps into business models
  • Determining the number of ML models that must be integrated into software systems

Session 4: Challenges in Integration of BI Models


13:30 PM

Deep Dive Session: Policies shaping the integration of ML

  • Implementing new models while adhering to data protection and privacy policies
  • How to select the best solution providers for your company’s growth

13:50 PM

Panel Discussion: Leadership and Competence: Be a Transformation Leader

  • Data Architecture challenges in seeking and hiring data scientists and big data analysts
  • Unleashing innovation, redefining culture, and building and managing creative teams.


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Our clients describe us as a product team which creates amazing UI/UX, by crafting top-notch user experience.

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