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Secure infrastructures. Resilient businesses.

Date and Timings: 6-7 September 2022 – Dubai, UAE

The Cybersecurity Innovation Series (CSIS) will regularly host cyber and IT executives from the most targeted industries in engaging, thought provoking, closed-door, and most importantly, niche platforms for executives to speak and hear the language that they are familiar with, with audiences that are dealing with the same risks and environments, and solutions that are specifically designed to help them secure their infrastructures.

Nominate yourself and your peers for the Cybersecurity Innovation Series (CSIS) 

  • Cybersecurity Champion 2022 (Primary – Individual)
  • Best in class cyber infrastructure (Primary – Company)
  • Best use of technology and smart tools (Primary – Company)
  • Cyber woman of the year (Primary – Individual)
  • Cyber personality of the year (Primary – Individual)
  • CISO of the year (Primary – Individual)
  • Cybersecurity software of the year (Vendor)
  • Cybersecurity hardware of the year (Vendor)
  • Best Enterprise Security Solution of the year (Vendor)
  • Cyber awareness plan of the year (Primary/Vendor/Non-Profit/Academia)
  • Cyber startup of the year (Vendor)
  • Cyber influencer of the year (Individual)


CSIS Awards celebrates professionals who demonstrate excellence and leadership within IT and information security. The awards recognises the trailblazers, the movers, the changemakers, and the innovators in the region and bring the community together to highlight best practices

Why? – Participation and nominating yourself and your organisation is a great way to get recognised and appreciated for excellence in your cybersecurity culture, practices, capabilities and to showcase your contributions to the industry.

Deadlines – Nominate yourself or your organisation before 19 August 2022 for all relevant entries to enter the selection process.

Selection Process – Our awards committee and judges will review all entries through thorough processes, frameworks and specific criteria’s in place. The final shortlisted entries will then be contacted for more information and will go through the same criteria’s once again.

Nominations – Please click here to see the award categories, the awards nomination form, and the selection process. You can nominations for multiple categories too, as long as you provide all the relevant documents and information.

Promote your nomination – Once your nomination is in, we will also share promotional collateral with you for you to promote your nomination via internal and social networks and highlight your participation!

Sponsor an award – Solution providers and organisations can also sponsor the awards. Be a part of the judging committee, place your logo on the awards, present the award to leading executives. Showcase your role to the community. Contact us if you wish to sponsor an award.


CSIS Majlis provides an interactive, engaging, and a strategic platform for IT and IT security executives to network, share knowledge, gain insights, and engage with peers from various industries and regions. CSIS Majlis provides a space for having highly strategic conversations with peers from the community, on commonly trending opportunities and challenges, and review latest offerings.

The CSIS Majlis series will cover different topics in different majlis areas in order to bring executives together to discuss the topic they find most interesting. Choose from a range of topics available and gather with industry professionals who find the same topic as their priority.

Sample topics for Majlis (Subject to change in time):

  • Cyber culture & cyber talent
  • Insider Threats
  • Cloud – migration, hybrid, security
  • Data privacy, gathering, regulation, policy
  • Ransomware and it’s growing threats
  • New age technologies and the threats that come with it
  • Impact of remote
  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
  • Zero Trust

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Our clients describe us as a product team which creates amazing UI/UX, by crafting top-notch user experience.

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