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Internal Audit Forward Online

Flexibility and agility in game-changing times!

Date and Timings: Wednesday, 7th April 2021 | 11:00 am – 12:45 pm GST

A strategic and proactive Internal Audit can steer businesses clear in the risky landscape the world finds itself in. 2020 was a disruptive year with which, changes happened, and will continue to happen.

While digital technologies and remote auditing have been rightly in the spotlight, effective communication, business continuity planning, talent management, and agility were and will continue to be key factors in the years to come.

Join us at the Internal Audit-Forward webinar, which will cover topics and areas that are the need of the hour.

Through open-ended panel discussions and roundtables led by a group of key members within the Internal Audit space, the webinar will focus on the way forward in ensuring Internal Audit functions remain at the forefront of ensuring organisations remain ethical, compliant, and disciplined whilst remaining agile and flexible in ever-evolving environments.

All this from the comfort and safety of your screens.

Registrations for Internal Audit Forward Online is closed. We successfully ran the event with great feedback from our panellists and participants.


Internal Audit Speaker - Ayed Alqathami
Internal Audit Speaker - Biju Nair

Paul Hewitt
Chief Audit Executive

United Arab Bank

Tanu Goel
Chief Internal Auditor

Emirates Development Bank

Sulaiman Alsaqer

Chief Audit Executive

Saudi Credit Bureau – SIMAH

Ayed Alqathami
Chief Audit Executive and Secretary
General of the Audit Committee
Jabal Omar Development Co.
Saudi Arabia

Biju Nair
Chief Internal Auditor
Eradah Capital

Internal Audit Speaker - Adel Gafaar
Internal Audit Speaker - Hesham-ElGindy

Adel Gaafar

Chief Audit Executive

Rajhi Steel
Saudi Arabia

Hesham ElGindy
Chief Audit Executive
(Saudi Industrial Services Co.)

Arif Zaman
Head of Internal Audit
Emaar Industries and Investments
(EII Capital)

Ahmad Himmo
Director of Internal Audit
Higher Colleges of Technology

Jasim Khawaja
Head of Audit – Credit and WB
United Arab Bank

Internal Audit Speaker - Muhammad Mateen

Muhammad Mateen
Chief Audit Executive
AlMana General Hospitals
Saudi Arabia


Ahmed Youssef
Group Internal Audit Director
Mattex Group


11:00 amAll attendees login
11:05 amOpening remarks from the chairperson
11:10 am

PANEL DISCUSSION: Been a year already – throwback to the pandemic experience and how IA coped up?

  • COVID-19: A breeding ground for fraud and risks. How did we cope up?
  • How technology and remote auditing fared: What continues, what doesn’t?
  • Embracing and enabling: IA’s role in guiding organisations through the pandemic

    Moderator: Ahmad Himmo, Director of Internal Audit, Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE

Panellists leading the discussion:

  • Hesham ElGindy, Chief Audit Executive, SISCO Group (Saudi Industrial Services Co.)
  • Adel Gaafar, Chief Audit Executive, Rajhi Steel, Saudi Arabia
  • Ayed Alqathami, Chief Audit Executive and Secretary General of the Audit Committee, Jabal Omar Development Co., Saudi Arabia
  • Sulaiman Alsaqer, Chief Audit Executive, Saudi Credit Bureau – SIMAH, Saudi Arabia
11:45 am

TECH TALK: From digital customers to satisfied and loyal customers

3 back-to-back, quick-fire presentations on solutions that can enable Internal Audit departments to be better prepared.

Tech showcase on:

  • Data analytics at the heart of the audit function
  • GRC tools and technologies
  • The ever-increasing need and risks of cloud computing

Interested to speak on these technologies? Email us at

12:15 pm

PANEL DISCUSSION: Agile auditing – is this the new normal?

  • From firefighting to compliance and assurance – how agile is shaping the future of audit
  • Ensuring the audit function is ready to withstand and thrive
  • Communicate – Collaborate – Accelerate – Empower: 4 pillars to enhance preparedness using agile methodologies

Moderator: Biju Nair, Chief Internal Auditor, Eradah Capital, UAE

Panellists leading the discussion:

  • Tanu Goel, Chief Internal Audit, Emirates Development Bank, UAE
  • Arif Zaman, Head of Internal Audit, Emaar Industries and Investments (EII Capital), UAE
  • Jasim Khawaja, Head of Audit – Credit and WB, United Arab Bank, UAE
  • Muhammad Mateen, Chief Audit Executive, AlMana General Hospitals, Saudi Arabia
  • Ahmed Youssef, Group Internal Audit Director, Mattex Group
12:45 pmClosing remarks and end of webinar

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