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2020 was the year of cloud and accelerated digital transformations. 2021 will be no less.

The pandemic was just one of the reasons that highlighted the growing need for being digital. Whether one accepts it or not, cloud is no more a luxury, but a growing necessity. Even for enterprises that have already adopted cloud technologies, there’s always room to upgrade and take their infrastructure to the next level.

Questions around regulations, privacy, security, seamlessness, integration and most importantly the need for cloud, remain barriers for cloud adoption in the region.

Registrations for this boardroom are closed. The event ended on 26 Jan, 2021.

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Brainstorm answers to these very questions and highlight why your organisation needs cloud and/or how your current cloud infrastructure can be taken to the next level by attending this exclusive, closed-door virtual discussion on the rise of cloud technology hosted by Splunk. 

Date and Timings: Tuesday, 26 Jan 2021 from 11:00 am – 12:15 pm GST.

Join CIOs and senior decision makers from IT, Technology, Innovation and more to discuss:

  • Concerns over cloud regulations, data privacy, data security and other data-related questions
  • No matter the stage, there’s always room for improvement. Whether early in cloud or advanced, how your organisation infrastructure can be taken to the next level
  • One solution fits all. How to manage complexities around integration and different cloud providers
  • Finally, why and how cloud can revolutionise your organisational objectives


11:00 am    Attendee login 

11:10 am    Welcome remarks from MS Events 

11:15 am    Welcome from Splunk and Industry Outlook: Cloud in 2020
                     Adopting cloud and accelerating your digital transformation with confidence

11:30 am    Open discussion for all participants 
                     Hybrid cloud – moving towards more secure, integrated, and seamless infrastructures

12:10 pm    Closing remarks and end of discussion 


Dimitris Lambrou
Fawaz Shakralla

Dimitris Lambrou, Senior Partner – Technical Manager, Emerging Markets (Middle East, Africa & Eastern Europe), Splunk 

Ifthiquar Ahmed Jameel, Specialist & Enterprise Architect, Dubai Health Authority

Fawaz Shakralla, Head of IT, 
Bahrain Institute for 
Political Development, BIPD

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Our clients describe us as a product team which creates amazing UI/UX, by crafting top-notch user experience.

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